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She’s determined to break the rules so her sister can get married. However, she doesn’t expect to find a true love of her own. The only problem is he’s a vampire...

Aina’s grandmother is old-school fae and pressuring her to get married. But it’s to the wrong guy—the one her sister loves. She travels to Raven’s Landing to meet with the elders to find a loophole. There, she unexpectedly spends an amazing day with a fun and handsome stranger.

Nick ditches the royal summit to go incognito and be normal just for a day. He meets a lovely and enchanting fae and doesn’t want their time together to end when she inevitably discovers his identity. Unfortunately, the king’s brother harasses them both and reveals the truth.

But nothing can come between their growing relationship: not a jerky prince, outdated magical customs, fire frogs, grandmothers, or the fact that vampires and fae aren’t supposed to be together.
However, they didn’t know their love story would lead to war.

This is the prequel story to the Court of Crown and Compass series. It’s fantasy romance that’s chock full of mystery, danger, romance, and sizzling kisses. 

She must defeat a false king who leads the Shadow Army. He’s intent on stopping her.
When Kiki receives a strange note and discovers a secret about her past that impacts her future, she’s swept from the life she knew and thrown into another realm that’s nothing like New York City. While seeking counsel to understand why she suddenly has wings, she meets a guy who looks like a Viking and looks at her in a way that makes her all fluttery inside.

Soren spends too much time at the tile table and infuriating the king's guards—evidenced by the ink tainting his skin. He gave up on fighting back a long time ago and is just trying to survive. The strange thing is, he can’t help but want to take flight and when he meets a beautiful stranger it’s like something inside is trying to beat its way out.

In the Northlands, magic is outlawed, fae are outcast, and trust is a foreign concept. The people are divided by fear and want, everyone is broken or does the breaking, and the ashpit consumes the rest. Desperate to help the people, Kiki and Soren find common ground and soon discover their destinies are wound tightly together.

However, with war looming, time isn’t on their side. It's a battle Kiki and Soren can't win on their own, but could divide them forever, and forever is what they each secretly want.

By night, Val hunts demons. By day, she conceals her fae wings and magic, spying on the king disguised as one of his guards in training. When she finds herself on the wrong side of the prison bars in the castle. To make matters worse, she’s forced into an arena fight to the death. But she won’t back down if only to spite the prince who she almost hates more than the king.

Callen has had enough of the king’s glamoured world and the lie he’s been living. The crown doesn’t truly belong to the monarch, but he doesn’t want it either. When he’s forced into a battle with the fiercest and most beautiful fae that he pretends doesn’t exist, he can’t back out. However, he can’t let her win either. The only solution is to reveal his secret.

When a boatful of strangers shows up in the Westland’s harbor, they’re heralded with a royal welcome. But when one of them claims to be the rightful ruler and another says that she’s Val’s sister, it’s not clear who is deceiving who, but it’s up to Callen to reveal the truth... and if he doesn’t, Val will.

With a grim mage on their tail and an army that’s soon to march on the realm, Val has to get answers from her grandmother and Callen from his aunt. But in order to succeed, they have to put aside their mutual hatred and work together. Can these enemies call a truce for peace...and maybe something more?

Every girl is a little bit bad. Lea isn’t good at covering it up with lip-gloss. She doesn’t say please and thank you or keep her hands off cars that don’t belong to her. She can’t escape trouble, not even when she’s sent to Riker’s Paranormal Penitentiary and Reform School.

Torren’s brother says if he ditches his dorky reputation as a blacksmith’s apprentice, the girls will be chasing him. But his crush already thinks he’s cool. She’s also his best friend, making her off-limits. He’s led a simple life until he forges a sword that lands him in the slammer.

When Lea and Torren discover they’re locked up together, their alleged crimes are the least of their problems. A crew of misfits releasing demons all over the city try to recruit Lea as the face of disorder. Meanwhile, two girls claim she’s their sister and together, they have to save the world from the Shadow Army. 
However, Lea has her best friend and he has a sword. Everyone better watch out because she wants answers and won’t apologize to anyone who gets in her way. But the past does and the one rule Lea follows is to forget it.

She has to break the rule, which means acknowledging she’s fae and confronting a false king who tries to hurt the person she cares about most...and telling him the truth about how she feels.

Before twelve moons turn, else the realm will burn. 

Elsie’s childhood sweetheart turned out to be the scourge of Alvheim. When she has the opportunity to enter the annual Thunder Tournament, she impresses the king with her archery skills, drawing his attention—and she’s not sorry. But he will be.

If anyone knew the secret Asher guards, they’d understand why he rules with a fist as strong as elven iron. He does his duty, hunting and haunting the murkast, until someone from the past threatens to expose the truth. And he’s not sure he should stop them.

With the future of the fae under threat, Elsie has been waiting for her sisters to penetrate the Eastlands stronghold so they can fulfill the age-old prophecy. They must embark on a journey to the library of memory, stop a war, and save the realm or grim powers will destroy them all.
While Elsie and Asher each have secrets and want answers, what they really need is the truth...and that includes how they feel about each other.

Four-book fae fantasy romance following four sisters as they learn the truth of who they are and work together to save the realms from the Shadow Army. ★Contains THREE BONUS SCENES!★

Four sisters to find. One compass to bind. Four crowns to take. One curse to break. Demons shadow thieve, while the fae court grieve. Before twelve moons turn, else the realm will burn.

★Fae of the North: When Kiki discovers a secret about her past, she’s thrown into another realm that’s nothing like her life as a demon slayer in NYC. While seeking counsel to understand why she has wings, she meets a guy who looks like a Viking and looks at her in a way that makes her fluttery inside.

★Fae of the West: By night, Val hunts demons. By day, she conceals her fae wings and magic, spying on the king. Until she’s caught and forced into an arena fight to the death. But she won’t back down if only to spite the prince who she hates almost more than the king.

★Fae of the South: When Lea and Torren discover they’re locked up together, their alleged crimes are the least of their problems. A crew of misfits releasing demons all over the city try to recruit Lea as the face of disorder.

★Fae of the East: Elsie’s childhood sweetheart turned out to be the crowned scourge of Alvheim. When she has the opportunity to enter the annual Thunder Tournament, she impresses the king with her archery skills, drawing his attention—and she’s not sorry. But he will be.

It’s romantic fantasy perfect for fans of The Cruel Prince, from the Folk of the Air series, by Holly Black as well as K.M. Shea’s magical worlds and is chock full of mystery, danger, and sizzling kisses. Get your copy and start reading now!

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Book 1 – Law & Disorder

Having magical powers is a one-way ticket to prison.

My friends would say I’m confident and clever. I like the beach and love S'mores. Normal, right? Turns out that I’m also a witch, which means I’m going to prison.

Ryjker’s Magical Academy recently became a reform school, opening its doors to all supernatural misfits: fae, shifters, vampires, and more. A paperwork glitch lands me here as I await my sentencing. While I was hoping life would be rainbows, apple pie, and sparkly magic, there’s the little issue with my powers—can’t control them. No one can.

There are guys too: the mysterious and brooding JJ who appears after he sees my name in the stars. We hate each other. Then Bobby Gold whose smile could melt any girls’ heart. Good thing I’m not just any girl.
As I try to figure out my newfound abilities (not to mention the homework and spellwork), tension on campus mounts. Gathered in the cemetery on All Hallows Eve, chaos erupts. It turns out demons are after me. The last person I expect comes to my rescue and we have to work together to keep my rare magic safe.

Meanwhile, I’m just trying to get through the day without turning anyone into a toad...or committing an actual crime. Then again, if I want to break free, I might just have to. #WitchProblems

Book 1 of 3 in the RIP Magic Academy Paranormal Prison and Supernatural Reform Academy series. It’s romantic fantasy perfect for fans of Wendi Wilson and Avery Song. Mayhem rules the school and an unlikely witch is out to uncover a sinister plot that threatens to divide the world forever.

Book 2 – Crime & Curses

I’m a witch. He’s moody and mysterious. We hate each other, but it’s up to us to save the world from demons.

When I learn about the forbidden prophecy I’m left with more questions than answers. Namely, what’s a witch who hardly knows how to wave her wand to do—besides flirt with Bobby Gold, be infuriated by JJ Thorne, and sneak pie from the dining hall?

When the Coven Constabulary, aka the magical police, question me about matters graver than stealing pie, the good news is I’m not going to jail. The bad news is I have to assassinate a ghost.

Rumors about a campus secret society suggest the demons aren’t acting alone and if they’re not dispelled soon, they’ll multiply, threatening supernaturals beyond campus. On the night of the Sweetheart Dance, there’s a student attack, a chocolate fountain explosion, and Marauders ruin my hopes for something special with my date.

My problems outweigh the beast from the east discovered on school grounds when I learn not everyone is who they seem—even the hottest and moodiest ones—and members of the magical community hide dark secrets from the past. It’s up to me to reverse a legendary curse, but I haven’t quite perfected my spellwork. #WitchFail

Book 3 – Mayhem & Magic

I’m just a witch who has to defeat my enemies...and slay the guy I love.

I’m ticked off—fueling my desire to come up with a plan to get rid of the demons once and for all. I just have to find a missing wand—and figure out how to use it—and a missing person. That task takes me to the underworld. Postcards from the trip would include the following highlights: lost items recovered, dangerous ghosts, and matters of the heart aren’t only for the living.

My return to campus doesn’t come with a warm welcome. Tension is higher than ever when the Marauders cause further division among students. If I were any other witch, I’d run for cover or the closest slice of apple pie. Instead, I have to end the arguments and suspicions that are tearing us apart. Good thing I have a wand and am not afraid to use it. But they should be.

My solution? Form the Mavericks—an anti-secret society secret society. Everyone is going to have to choose: freedom or fear. Flight or fight against Marauders and grim forces threatening supernaturals.

But there’s the little problem of getting kidnapped, the campus falling under siege, and a legendary witch who shows her face after years of absence. It’s up to everyone to work together against the enemy, but only I can save my one true love. Too bad I have to kill him...again. #BossWitch

Sweet YA Paranormal Wolf & Fae Fantasy Romance Series. It’s romantic fantasy perfect for readers on Team Jacob and fans of K.M. Shea, Stephanie Meyer, and Emma Wolfe. This slow burn, fated mates, enemies to lovers romance hits the swoony spots and takes the characters beyond their borders on a quest to save the world from monsters, including themselves. 

Life Fated
Lies Tamed

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Dear Diary, I’ve fallen in love with the wolf shifter hunting me. Love, Kenna

For graduation, my mom sends me on a trip to Concordia—a European country I’ve never heard of. Apparently, my grandfather lives there...along with werewolves, vampires, and other monsters. Yes, it’s terrifying, but it turns out I’m not that much different. Exactly what I am is another question entirely. What I do know is that I’ve fallen for the leader of the wolf shifter pack. Too bad he hates me.

Corbin is a guardian of the former monsters in Concordia. When the Clave, a fringe group, threatens to break the magical bonds that keep humans safe from them, it’s up to him to stop the sinister plot. The only problem is, he needs my help. However, I’m his fated mate. If he falls in love, he loses his position. The only solution is to hunt me down or risk losing all he’s worked hard to create for his pack.

It’s not safe for Kenna, but with the discovery of her power and connection to Corbin, the world isn’t safe from her.

Dear Diary, How can I trust the wolf I love if he’s lying to me? Love, Kenna

After searching all of Concordia, I finally find my outcast father. Seeking answers, he leaves me with more questions. What I do know, is that my magic makes me brutal and cruel. I start to wonder if I’m somehow connected to the people going missing in the area.

All Corbin, my fated mate, wants to do is protect me, but really, I need protection from myself. When my identity is exposed, I suddenly have multiple suitors seeking my hand. Sounds old fashioned, but I did inherit an old gloomy Victorian vampire estate, so it fits the vibe.

Apart from the Clave, something sinister is going on. I sense that there’s more to the wolf pack and vampire club history than fur and fang. I’m caught in between, literally. If something doesn’t change, I’m afraid I’ll be torn apart. My only hope is that the girl I was before can overcome the monster inside and that Corbin chooses love over lies.

Dear Diary, I’ll do anything not to lose the love of my life. If only he felt the same way. Love, Kenna

As people continue to go missing, the pack fears for their safety and struggles to maintain the secrecy of their world, including my identity. The biggest mystery of all is my power. When a pack elder passes away, they leave clues that suggest this is a lot bigger than we imagined.

When it all becomes too much for Corbin, my fated mate, he takes off. But I won’t let him get away that easily. This time, I’m the one hunting him. After a startling discovery about unrequited love and an ancient curse, I’m more determined than ever to make things right and get my wolf back.

Relics lead us to an ancient document outlining how to break the curse and reinstate the treaty that keeps humans safe from hungry wolves and blood-thirsty vampires. What I was looking for is a lot closer than I realized...Turns out that I’m the curse breaker. But I don’t think I can do it without breaking Corbin’s heart and my own.

Dear Diary, If staying in love were easy, anyone could do it. Luckily, I’m not just anyone. Love, Kenna

Even as I adapt to the newfound peace in my magical life, I repeatedly feel the call of a howl, a hiss, something deep inside that threatens to pull me under. It’s almost like a song, a sound both beautiful and deadly to human ears. Maybe I just need to get away. Take my mind off things.

When Corbin, my fated mate, and a few others from the pack escape the frigid north for a vacation to a tropical island, the pull is stronger than ever. I find myself in a daze and put myself in a dangerous situation. Upset by my carelessness, Corbin realizes that my magic threatens the other vacationers.

I meet a local who encourages me to be myself. After Corbin and I argue, I give in to my nature. Just when I’m about to lose my greatest treasure, the past collides with the present, and I understand the nature of my power and fight to unite with my true love again.

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